Currency Exchange: USD to Sushi

So tonight, the Missus and I went to a high-end sushi restaurant. The current exchange rate is USD$80 for one rainbow roll, one tempura shrimp roll, six pieces of nigiri, and eight pieces of sashimi. Oh, and a coke and an adult beverage. 

Goose, one day we will introduce you to the wonderful world of actual affordable sushi. We may have to teach you how to heist a bank first. Or at least knock over a liquor store. These are the ways social workers make things affordable. Also, getting them subsidized somehow. Sushicaid.

The Goose’s aunt and uncle and cousins were kind enough to take care of her while we exchanged our currency, and we found out that she can count to twelve. She’s not even two yet, people. She’s also saying “Thank you” without being prompted. My mom has told me how my brother and I were always complimented on our manners when we were youngsters, and it’s neat to see that happening with my own child. I don’t know what happened to my brother and me, though. My best guess is the Great Blizzard of ’96 made us hard and mean.

On the subject of blizzards, with the unavoidable Great Blizzard of ’14 approaching, I decided to prep a little bit. I got out our cold weather sleeping bags, and realized that the Goose is almost 2 and has never been camping. I’m hoping we can remedy that this spring, or maybe in the fall. 

It’s not really about the camping, specifically, even though I love it. I just can’t wait to share my favorite things with the Goose. I know that there will be things in my interests that she won’t share, but if we can connect on at least one activity, that will excite me greatly. She already loves to read books, even though she can’t yet read. She still piles them in her bed and lays with one open, looking at the pages. 

So if she doesn’t like to camp, that’s okay. Well, not really. But I’ll have to love her anyway. I love the Missus, even though she doesn’t like soups very much. It’s a small price to pay for the best wife I’ve ever had.


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