The story I’m about to relate here is a true one. There aren’t many people who have heard it, simply because when it happened, I wasn’t sure what had in fact happened. 

One thing I hope comes through in my posts (sometimes blatant, sometimes not even implied) is that regardless of any hiccups or screw-ups or intentional misbehavior, I believe that God loves the people He’s created. Yes, gentle reader, that’s you, too. I don’t always remember that I believe it. I don’t usually act like I believe it. Deep down, though, and at the end of the day, I know that Jesus loves you and me and them and us.

I was talking with a friend recently who had had an amazing faith experience, and I’d love to share her story here, but I’ll hopefully be able to do that soon. You know, permission, and all. Anyway, after she told me her story, I suggested she write it down, so that she has it to go back to when times are tough. What I didn’t tell her was that I was going through a particularly rough patch myself that day. It wasn’t until this morning, though, that I remembered that I have a story to tell as well, and one that should be written down so that I too can come back to it and be encouraged.


When the Goose was born, it was six weeks early. We had to spend a few weeks in the hospital with her, but she came through amazingly well and with very few complications. In fact, once all was said and done, the only complication was that the tear duct in her right eye was clogged. It drove the Missus nuts, because she was worried about infection, and didn’t like that pictures of her beautiful baby had booger eyes. And then on hot days, if she was in the car too long, the Goose’s eye would become so full of mucous that it would glue itself shut, and we’d have to use a warm damp cloth to open it back up. We went to her doctor, who suggested it would clear up by the time she was a year old. When that didn’t happen, we were referred to a specialist, who offered to do a simple surgical procedure to take care of the issue. 

At this point, the Missus felt strongly that we should wait. Women’s intuition? Divine inspiration? Who knows? Not me. So we waited. And two weeks after the Goose’s first birthday, a terrifying thing happened.

The Goose had a toy with a pokey plastic part. By pokey, I mean long and blunt but narrow. The Goose was playing with this toy, and I noticed her pants were sagging a little. I grabbed her waistband and hoisted up, and she fell forward and started screaming. No big deal, I thought, because she usually got upset when she fell. So I picked her up and

Oh God.

She had fallen and hit her eye on the pokey plastic part.

I pick her up and run to the couch where the light is better, and yell for the Missus to get a cold wet cloth. I was on the edge of hysteria. I thought I had just put out my daughter’s eye. While the Missus is looking at the cloth, I look at the Goose’s eye, and there’s BLOOD in it. I cover it with the damp cloth, and somehow I go from screaming God’s name in shock to saying His name in prayer and begging Him to heal my daughter’s eye. As I’m praying, I notice that the Goose is calming down. Not all at once, but her cries are getting slower and softer, and she’s relaxing. So after she calmed down, I fearfully took away the cloth to see how bad the damage was.

There was none.

There was blood on the cloth, and blood in her eye, but there’s absolutely no indication of where that blood had come from.

There was no injury at all.

And to top off this healing miracle, Gwennie’s tear duct has never gummed up since that day.

Many thanks to my Lord for taking care of my daughter, despite my doubts and fears and general bad attitudes. And many thanks to my friend for reminding me that miracles happen – not only to other people, but to people I love.


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