Yeah Butt!


So today is an auspicious day for the Goose. The Missus and I took the front off of her crib, converting it into her toddler bed. What has two thumbs and is incredibly happy to have a big girl bed? The Goose. She fell out once while playing, but hopefully the pool noodle we bought on Amazon will help.

Yes, we bought a pool noodle on Amazon. It had great reviews. It’s winter here. Get off my back. EDIT: I added a great review, and you can see it here.

So I was laying on the floor in the Goose’s room earlier, while she played in her new bed. She crawled onto my lap and pulled up my shirt to see my belly button.

“Butt!” she says.

“No, Goose,” I say, “that’s daddy’s belly button.”

“Yeah Butt!” Then she pushes my belly button and says, “Ding dong!” You know, like a doorbell. Not the Hostess treat.

So the Missus is a ball of anxiety about the Goose having access to the rest of her room for the first night ever. We’ll make it through the night, of course, but it might be interesting. The Goose has been down about a half hour now, and her monitor suggests she miiiiiiiiight be chattering. Or playing with stuffed animals. Or plotting. Who knows? I don’t speak much Goose.

I did say this was going to be a brief episode tonight. I promised the Missus we’d watch a movie. And eat ice cream. If Missus ain’t happy… well, you get the picture.


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