Sushi Economics



The Missus tried her hand at sushi last night, and it was Totally Awesome. This is a picture of that exact sushi.

List of ingredients!

  • Cream Cheese: about a buck
  • Smoked Salmon: about five bucks
  • Carrot: about a dime
  • Avocado: I’ll say two bucks
  • Sushi kit including rice, wasabi, ginger, nori, and required tools: $24.99 on Amazon

The new sushi exchange is USD$33.09, approximately. And we can reuse the tools. Of course, if we pay the higher rate, we have to absorb the cost of labor, but we get the added benefit of not having to perform that labor ourselves. 

I am proud of the Missus, who finally completed her 2013 New Year’s Resolution to make sushi. Way to go, Missus! Better late than never. And darn good sushi.



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