Goose to English Dictionary: Vol. 1

Imagepeter francis geraci

Image peter francis giraffee

I’ve thought for several months now that it would be extremely useful to have a Goose to English dictionary. I read most of a book when I was a kid called The Trumpet of the Swan that talked about a mute swan that had a chalkboard and could write out his thoughts. Early blogging?

So anyway, here are a few gems the Missus and I have come up with to start the dictionary.

  • Dandul = Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
  • Goose = Goose; Curious George; Juice
  • Kamees = Thomas and Friends
  • Potzhu = Pretzel
  • Binbang = Banana
  • Bunbun = Bunny Rabbit
  • Peensy; Peesee; Pancy = Peter Francis Giraffee, her security blanket (named after injury attorney Peter Francis Geraci)
  • Sawboo = Strawberry
  • Hahwee = Captain Huggy Face
  • Ehfant = Elephant
  • Cucoo = Cookie; Cookie Monster

The Missus and I agreed that this is a fair number of definitions to start. We also agreed that PBS should be paying me to advertise their characters.


3 thoughts on “Goose to English Dictionary: Vol. 1

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