Simple Gifts


Tonight, the Goose and I were flying solo! Well, duo. The point is, the Missus was gone. She had plans to grab coffee with a friend. I think she really just set up cameras to record my many and inevitable blunders. 

The Goose and I played some fun games! We blew up balloons, which are some of the most exiting things in her life. I played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “ABC ABC” ad nauseum for her on my guitar. She doesn’t hear me play guitar very often, mostly because I forget I know how to play or that I even own a guitar. Forget the fact that I own too many guitars. Is there such a thing? The Missus thinks so.

So I also played songs like “Ohio” and “I See the Lord”. And I tried to play a low-key acoustic coffee shop version of “Just What I Needed”, and to be fair, no one needs a sappy slow coffee shop version of that song. It’s pretty terrible. I’d probably love it if Emiliana Torrini sang it, though. I have a total crush on her voice. Don’t tell the Missus.

While I played these songs, some grand and some just grandiose, the Goose entertained herself by alternately strumming my guitar with me, trying to sit on my guitar case while I tried to nudge her off with my toe, or running around me in circles. It was good times! And then she pulled all her pajamas out of the dresser drawer.

You might be asking why I feel compelled to share a play-by-play account of my evening with the Goose. I do it for love. She is, after all, my favorite toy, and the best toys are shared.


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