….Justin Bieber???


(photo from hollywoodreporter.com)

Yeah, I know. I’m writing about Justin Bieber. 

Let me preface this by saying that, in all honesty, I know next to nothing about the kid. I know he has bad haircuts and the pre-teens seem to love him.

I listen to Christian radio on the odd occasion, and I remember once a while back a DJ said something about Justin Bieber’s visit to the Holy Land, and reacting to some statements he’d made about his personal faith. And I just found a blog talking about his faith, and such things.

Cool! At least the kids listening to irritating music might be attracted to Jesus. I dunno. Maybe. Stranger things have happened.

And then I saw this report, talking about how he’s been arrested on drunk driving charges and other things. 

Not so cool, Bieb.

On the one hand, I don’t really care. He’s not my kid, I don’t like his music, and I don’t really care much about him, period. On the other, he’s somebody’s kid. And he’s God’s kid. For that reason, this breaks my heart.

I know the reports of him driving 60mph in a residential neighborhood made me angry, because I’m a dad and I love my Goose and I know she’ll be playing outside someday. I also know that I’ve done ridiculous things that could have gotten me and my friends hurt and or killed, and I’m in no place to judge.

We could beat the dead horse of “Look at Brittany and Miley and Lindsay and the kids from Different Strokes”, but…. why? I’m not saying we give Justin Bieber a pass here, but I’m also not going to cast the first stone. 

A little self-disclosure: I love Jesus. I just forget that a lot. I know He loves me. Sometimes I forget it, and sometimes I remember His love but don’t remember why it matters. I quit going to church, I isolate myself from friends (not just Christian friends), and then I wonder why I feel like I have no direction and like I’m adrift in the stormy sea of life. So when I see Justin Bieber quoted as saying “I think that’s part of the reason I’m here… Not just because I’m talented, but because God had a purpose for me to just help people” and then I hear that he’s drunk, maybe high, and resisting arrest, I see….


Well, not the haircut. And not being drunk or high, not really my style. But I do see that I make terrible choices, and excel at being a bad choice factory. And I see Justin Bieber making terrible choices, and perhaps he’s wondering why he has no direction and like he’s adrift in the stormy sea of life.

Justin, it would appear that we both need to run back to the arms of Jesus. 

This is what I love about Jesus — no matter how much I ignore Him, no matter how much I pretend He doesn’t exist, no matter how much I take His name in vain because of stupid crap like the g** d*** Chinese food falling over in my car tonight on my way home from work, He still loves me and still pursues me, regardless of the fact that I have nothing to offer Him and am in fact running from Him for reasons beyond my ability to see.

So when you think about Justin Bieber and his terrible choices, maybe say a prayer for the kid with the bad haircut. If he does turn back to Jesus and allow himself to get straightened out, he really could be in a place to reflect the love of the King of the Universe to a whole hell of a lot of people.

And I happen to be a person who needs to see that love.


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