It’s Been a Bit!


Good evening, Goose fans! 

It’s been a bit since I wrote anything, and I am simply here to give a quick update in the life of the Goose and her family. Nothing huge, and I’m mainly just writing to say that we’re all alive and well and surviving the Midwest Winterpocalypse of ’14.

Not that the snow has been THAT bad, but I have to be honest and say that I forgot how to drive a stick-shift in slush or slick for a while. It’s just like riding a bike, though. On ice. 

So the Goose’s second birthday is coming up, and I used the funds gained through participating in the work/family conflict study to purchase an early gift — a small table and two chairs! She loves them, and I will post pictures at some point.

The Missus and I are finally in a place where we’ll probably be able to move into our own home within a couple months! No, we’re not buying a house. We’re not THAT fiscally solvent just yet. Student loans are a killer! No, we’re going to rent for now, and give my parents their own space back. It’s been good living with them. We’ve survived close proximity to my parents. More importantly, my wife hasn’t left me for having to live with her in-laws. Again, not that my parents are hard to get along with, but if you have ever had to live for the better part of a year with *your* parents, gentle reader, you know what I’m talking about. It’ll be nice to have some space again.

I have a project in the works! As a behavior consultant, I write and implement positive behavior support plans for the people I serve. Basically, I create strategies to help people make good decisions, and then make frameworks in which they learn to clean up their own messes when they *don’t* make such good decisions. I have decided that the Goose needs a “formal” behavior plan, and I’m working on putting it together. In actual practice, the state guidelines allow 45 days for the creation of an analysis of behavior function (for example, when she screams for Daniel Tiger when we turn off the TV, is she attempting to access attention or a tangible item?), and then another 14 days to write the actual behavior plan. This means that the behavior plan will probably be done when she is sixteen and totally owns us. As if she doesn’t totally own us anyway. Whenever I have it done, though, I will share it with you.

On that note, it’s time to put the Goose to bed. Nice chatting with you again!


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