Dr. Goose

Tonight’s drama:

1) Saving the Goose from falling off the couch, over and over and over and over
2) Dancing to classical music inside the Goose’s tent
3) Letting Dr. Goose give me a physical, which consisted of a couple takings of my temperature, lots of oral medicine, and many many MANY shots
4) Becoming a doctor myself and giving Dr. Goose several shots and some oral medicine (we doctors take care of each other)
5) Changing the Goose into her PJs while calling her Dr. Goose in order to distract her from the fact that she didn’t want to change her clothes
6) Putting Dr. Goose to bed with her stethoscope

She really is the best doctor! Such good bedside manner.


One thought on “Dr. Goose

  1. Always enjoy reading about your adventures in parenting. You appear to be a very tolerant and patient daddy. We need to move plants inside and get out warmer clothes this week end. Our house has limited closet space so we have to pack up one half our clothes each season.

    Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2014 00:40:31 +0000 To: emo3philly@hotmail.com

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