Off and Running


When did I last update this thing? I honestly have no idea. I think it may have been in August 2014.

It is now March 2015, and the Goose has had her third birthday! Where does the time go? I know parents say that pretty constantly, but there’s a reason. And what all does the Goose do now? She has conversations. She tells jokes. She knows how to navigate Netflix. She only watches one episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood a week, but she watches that one episode over and over and over and OVER.

So I’m not sure how the winter treated all of the readers, but it was a bust in the house of Goose. We were all constantly sick. We kept having this one cold that she’d bring home from daycare, or I’d bring home from work. (The Missus doesn’t carry germs. She just catches them.) So once one of us brought it home, it would pass through the rest of us like wildfire. And once the last one was getting healthy again, it would be absolutely no more than 48 hours before one of us was sniffling. Ridiculous. Someone should talk to management about this. We did make the best of it, though. Even though Gwennie was too sick to go outside and play in the snow, I brought in a bucket for her so she could build a tiny snowman, and I broke up a bamboo skewer for various limbs and accouterments. And we also made snow ice cream, which aside from melting a little too quickly is wonderful. She loved it all.

So it wasn’t a complete bust. There are so many more stories to tell that I don’t know where to start with any of them! I’ve started making musical instruments for her (a one-string cigar box guitar and a seven-key kalimba), and I gave her a harmonica I’ve carried in my pocket for a few years. She fusses with them for a few minutes and then they collect dust. It’s okay, right? She’s three, right? NO I HAVE TO MOLD HER INTO MY OWN MUSICAL IMAGE!!!!!! Which means that she’ll get a real job one of these days and lament that she never touches that guitar anymore. Or the other guitar. Or the other one. Or the bass. I have too many and I can’t part with any of them, much to the lament of the Missus, who kindly doesn’t suggest I part with any of them. What a lady. What was I talking about again?

Okay, here’s a funny story. Maybe it’s only funny to me, because it just hits my style of humor so completely. I picked the Goose up from Grandma’s one day, and as I’m putting her in her car seat, she gets sparkly eyes, a big goofy smile, and in a really sing-songy voice, she says, “Hellooooooooo, Jess-IE!!!” I had no idea what she was talking about, so I asked Grandma. “Yeah, she said that to me earlier! I completely don’t understand!”

Me: Goosie, what did you just call me?
Goose: Jessie. [same sparkly eyed goofy smile]
Me: Who is Jessie?
Goose: Jessie is a boy. Jessie wears headphones.

Well, thank God for that. At least I’m a boy.

I finally figured out several days later who Jessie was — there’s an absolutely fantastic show on PBS called Peg + Cat, and there is a teenage boy named Jessie. He’s really a bit character, but he does wear headphones. And the Goose confirmed in a lineup that this was in fact Jessie.

She still says it, and it’s become her own inside joke. I don’t really get it, but I love it. I swear I have to record it and put it on here. I can’t duplicate it in text.

And speaking of inside jokes, I was looking at a book of animals with her a week or two ago, and as I was asking her what the animals were called, she picked one and said “Jemima Puddle-Duck.” And suddenly, amidst much giggling, she began calling all the animals “Jemima Puddle-Duck.”

Among other things of silliness, she is a FIREBALL. She gets upset easily if we tell her no, or ask her to do something she doesn’t want to do, or otherwise challenge any paradigm she holds. Her usual response? The Goose will furrow her brow, yell “Okay, fine!” and run to her room to slam the door. Then she’ll open the door and scream “NOOO!!!!” and slam the door again. The door opens, she says “No” and shuts the door. The door opens again, then closes. Then it opens again, she says “No” or “NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” and then slams the door. That’s usually about it. A couple weeks ago, she started through the cycle again, and I had to have words with her because her door-slamming knocked a clock off the wall and broke it. I explained that she needed to close the door gently or she’d have to go to time out, which is a punishment seemingly worse than the fires of Hell itself. So later that day, she earned herself a time-out. I had the conversation again with her about how to stay out of time-out, and then later when it all happened again, she yelled “Okay, fine” and started running. I called after her, “Please don’t slam the door” and she didn’t. She still opened it a few times, but didn’t slam it.

I’ll take the small victories, please and thank-you. 🙂

And speaking of victories — there are new things in my life as well! A week and a half ago, I left a job I’d had almost two years in order to *finally* be able to pursue a job that gives me the opportunity to do therapy! I’ll still be doing behavior management primarily, which is great because it’s a job I’ve come to love, but I’ll get to develop more in a direction I had been aiming for for years. I would be lying if I said I weren’t super excited. I’ll miss the people I’ve worked with for the last two years, and I’ll miss my clients, but that’s the (unfortunate) nature of the business. I’ll have to rebuild my empire, so to speak, but an added benefit is that I’ll be working out of a home office, which means more time for the Goose, the Missus, and my own sanity. Maybe I can get back to losing weight so I can be around a long time for the Goose.

Hopefully this also means I can get back into a routine with this blog. There are always more stories to tell, and I do so love telling them.

P.S. When I left my job, my boss got me the best cake ever.